Top Of The Dome
Group Show

Opening Night:
Saturday October 23, 2004 from 5 - 9pm.

Exhibit dates:
Show runs October 23rd thru November 28th 2004

Gregg Stone, Chaz Bojorquez, Man One, Vyal, Patrick Martinez, Victor Sepulveda,

Sacred194, Marka27, Reyes Rodriguez, Rebekka Pax, Asylm, Tyke Witnes, Siner,
Natoe, Freddi C., Split, Mars (Syndrome Studio), Micah (Syndrome Studio),
James (Syndrome Studio), Claudia Galvan, Jahs One, Pesky, Dave Kawano,

Atlas, Logan Hicks, Jeyd, David Botello, Esk, Ryan Riss, Sherm,
Chris Brand, Zoueh, Fatoe, and more!

All artwork created on ceramic skulls hand
sculpted by Gregg Stone and available for
an incredible $100 each!

Purchases may be made in store, online, or by phone.
First come first serve!

Flicks of Top of the Doom's opening reception and work.