March 11th, 2006: Grand Opening!

"Crewest:Downtown!"- Noon - 9pm
110 Winston St.- Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Come celebrate with us as we officially open the doors to our new Downtown L.A. home!

Huge group show featuring large spray painted panels created during last year's "Southern Cali Heat" event at the OCfair.

Works by:
Asylm, Czer, Craola, Duce, Fear, Jahs One, Make One, Malch, Man One, Marka27, Mind, Mural, Potna, Phenik, Riker, Ruet, Rukus, Sherm, Scud, Spurn, Surge, Tews, Vyal, Wa2, Witnes, Zender, Zoueh.

As well as works by: Atlas, Chaz Bojorquez, Crol One, Fern, Logan Hicks, Edgar Hoill, Dave Kawano, Kodak, Kofie, Patrick Martinez, Eriberto Oriol, Erick Rodriguez, Victor Sepulveda, Gregg Stone, Syndrome Studio, Werc, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Kofie, Atlas, Codak.

Providing grooves for your enjoyment: DJ's Fingerprints, Honest, and Incognito

Flicks of Crewest Downtown's opening reception and work.